Children are individuals who are likely to be brought down with addiction, and this is due to the fact that they do not have the proper understanding of how addiction triggers work.

It becomes worse when the child grows up in an environment when these addictions are encouraged. Addiction is a known factor which has the capacity to destroy anyone, and children are not left out.

Most times, children of addicts usually turn out to be addicts, and this usually happens when they are not properly guided. These parents fail to properly explain to their children what is really going on, as they are of the assumption that, since they are children, they would barely understand.

Hence, they would rather keep quiet than speak to them.
Doing this is detrimental, based on the fact that a good number of kids bear these guilty feelings whenever their addicted parents acts in such a way that cannot be understood.

Truth be told, it is quite a herculean task having to explain addiction to a child, as they might find it confusing. However, there is no harm in trying, even though it is certain that it would take them much time to understand.

It is essential for your child to understand that addiction is an illness which makes their parents act in such a manner which is not acceptable of them. Now, knowing what exactly to say to the child, depends on the age, however, it does not still undermine the fact that addiction should still be talked about.

Children could find it difficult to understand that their addicted parent drinks and takes drugs on a regular basis, and hence, it influences their mode of thinking and actions, they need to be aware of the fact that their parents have no control over their actions.

If you are an addicted parent, it is essential that you prevent your child from going through what you are experiencing. They need to perfectly understand that the reasons for your actions, is not caused by them.

You need to ensure that your children do not grow up to be individuals who would be soaked in the well of addiction.