Children are easily taken in by what they see and hear. This is why we need to be careful of what we do around them, so that they would not be led astray.

One of the reasons why children become addicted is because of what they get exposed to. And most times, it is because their parents are not around to supervise them.

People who are addicted today started the abusive acts when they were children and teenagers, and their case got worse because there was no one to stop them.

Now, it should be known that it is not the sole responsibility of parents to prevent their children from getting addicted, teachers also need to contribute their quota.

Parents and guardians can start by using graphic images to teach children about addiction. There are some images and pictures that show the effect of addiction on the internal organs.

Children are moved by what they see, and once they see those pictures, they would be discouraged from trying addictive acts.

In addition, parents need to be careful of what their children feed their eyes on, on the media. These days, the media has the capacity to corrupt anyone, and if care if not taken.

This is why parents need to be more observant than ever. Starting from cartoons, TV shows and the likes, they need to be vetted before children can see them.

Also, parents need to know the kind of gatherings their children attend. At some of these events, some of those children get exposed to what makes them abuse substances or behaviors, and from there, it becomes a full blown addiction.

Children who are properly educated about addiction, would most likely not grow up addicted. And owing to the effects that comes with addiction, it is better to prevent them from getting addicted, than to allow them grow up as addicted individuals.

Addiction is a compulsive brain disease which has the capacity to affect the health and wellbeing of an individual.